History of Whoo - Care For Your Skin Part 2

Part 2: 10 Life Milestones for Women and How to Care For Your Skin at Each Stage

Milestone 6: Children

Pregnancy is another time in a woman’s life that sees major hormonal changes affect the skin, so it’s important to know how to take care of your skin during this time. There are many safe and non-safe ingredients used in skin care products, so if you become pregnant it’s important to consult with your doctor and learn what you should and shouldn’t be rubbing on your skin.

Stretch marks are one of the biggest skin related concerns among pregnant women. The stretching of your skin during pregnancy can break down the elastin and collagen in your skin and reduce its elasticity, forming stretch marks. Massaging quality plant oils into your skin during pregnancy helps keep your skin soft and can reduce their appearance, and it’s also essential to keep your skin as hydrated and moisturised as possible with products like Cheongidan Wild Ginseng Ampoule Oil or Jinyulhyang Jinyul Revitalising Intensive Essence.

Protection from the sun also becomes even more important as your skin becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy. Applying Gongjinhyang Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 50, PA+++ every day will help to minimise discolouration and spots.

Throughout the nine months you may also experience rosacea. This involves redness in the face as well as flushing, small blood vessels, red bumps and swelling. There’s no cure for rosacea, but there are some treatment options available if you experience it.

Milestone 7: Bigger apartment/house

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When you’re in your 30s and 40s, signs of aging begin to creep into your skin as you produce less sebum and collagen, and the stress of more responsibilities can catch up with you. The reduced collagen means your skin becomes less firm and facial contours begin to lose their definition. To target these issues you should introduce Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-aging Essence and Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence into your skincare routine. You should also focus on keeping hydrated through regular moisturising.

Wrinkles and skin pigmentation are other skin conditions you may face as you get into your 40s. As your metabolism slows down and your blood circulation isn’t as good as it used to be, your skin can appear dull and doesn’t restore as quickly. As well as >please provide the recommended History of Whoo sun cream product for here<, at this point you will want to introduce anti-ageing products into your routine, like Bichup Ja Yoon Cream>please provide the recommended History of Whoo anti-aging product for here<.

If you feel that your skincare routine isn’t quite cutting it, you might also want to think about seeing a makeup consultant at one of our Tang’s in-store salons. There’s also plenty of ways to naturally achieve younger looking skin.

Milestone 8: Children become adults


By now, your children are starting to move out of home and you’ve got a little more ‘me’ time. Use this time to focus on rejuvenating your skin!

At this point your estrogen levels are decreasing and your skin is losing its firmness, elasticity and moisture and you may find your eyes looking slightly sunken. As you approach menopause the moisture in your skin really begins to disappear. You’ll also find that the epidermis layer of your skin is thinning, which can result in more obvious wrinkles and facial lines. The signs of previous skin damage can become more pronounced too like discolouration, age spots and uneven skin tone.

Your skincare routine at this point in time should be really focused on injecting moisture into your skin with moisturisers like Jinyulhyang Jinyul Revitalising Cream and Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Cream >please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here<, hydrating overnight creams such as >please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here< and antioxidant-rich serums including Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate and Radiant Regenerating Essence>please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here<. Your skin is also particularly vulnerable to damage from pollutants so it’s important to ensure you’re cleansing properly with Cheongidan Radiant Cleansing Foam >please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here<.

Milestone 9: Grandchildren

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Helping to raise children the second time around is so much less stressful (maybe because you get to give them back!). So there should be nothing putting stress on your skin right? Not quite … during and after menopause you’ll find your skin drying out as the natural oils decrease. You may also become more prone to sun sports. So the focus of your skincare regime should be fighting aging.

You should still be exfoliating regularly, however as your skin is much thinner than it used to be, you have to be gentle. Regular scrubs may be too harsh so you should switch for >please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here< and reduce your use to only once per week. You should also be continuing to wear Gongjinhyang Winkle Sun Cream SPF 50, PA+++>please provide the recommended History of Whoo sun cream product for here< to prevent those sun spots from becoming any darker.

Skin hydration is also just as important as ever. Moisturising products such as Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Cream and Hwan Yu Cream>please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here< are particularly effective for anti-aging purposes, and help to plump up fine lines without needing to resort to fillers.

Milestone 10: Retirement

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Now that you’ve got all the time in world, you can really take advantage of premium skincare ingredients, especially those present in The History of Whoo range. There has also been a number of technological advances for facial treatments to help penetrate the deep layers of the skin and assist with cellular regeneration and anti-aging. However these should always be considered complementary to a daily skincare routine.

The History of Whoo have a range of great skin care products to help keep you looking youthful and radiant even in retirement. Try Hwan Yu Essence and Hwan Yu Signature Gold Ampoule>please provide the recommended History of Whoo product for here< to help restore natural moisture levels in dry skin.

These are just 10 key milestones that may happen in a woman’s life – but your skin will always be changing. Keeping your skincare routine adaptable to your age, lifestyle and needs will ensure you have glowing, vibrant skin throughout the decades. To discover more about which premium skincare products from The History of Whoo best suit your skin, visit our counter at a TANGS location or the TANGS online store.