The History of Whoo - 3 Natural Methods for Achieving Young-Looking Skin

3 Natural Methods for Achieving Young-Looking Skin

Looking youthful is something we all strive for. Luckily for us, each day we are able to learn new things about anti-aging technology, discovering new findings and experiencing new products. And while that’s really exciting, there are a number of things we can also do to keep our skin looking young that have nothing to do with beauty products. These include choosing what we eat wisely, choosing natural products, keeping our bodies hydrated and maintaining a healthy and steady skincare routine. Simply going back to the basics can do absolute wonders for our skin. Keep reading to learn about the 3 best methods to assist with anti-aging, and how you can start practising them.

Eating well

It is true that we are what we eat, and that’s why looking after your skin correlates heavily to looking after what you put in your mouth. Keep reading to learn more about nutrient-rich foods that will aid in keeping the wrinkles away.


Tomatoes are high in antioxidants, which are great for combatting the signs of aging on the skin. They also have lots of nutrients particularly good for the lungs and stomach, and they may aid in keeping away cancer in particular areas. So start eating your veggies!


Nuts are superfoods. They have lots of healthy fats and vitamins, not to mention that they’re really high in protein. Nuts are perfect for snacks, and will make you feel satisfied with a relatively tiny amount. In addition to eating them as snacks, you can always roast them, grind them and turn them into a delicious spread.


Berries are also superfoods, and are high in antioxidants and vitamins. Amongst them, blueberries are considered to be one of the best. Berries will not only make your skin glow, but they may also help to prevent Parkinson’s Disease and heart disease.


Oats are low GI (glycemic index), which basically means that their energy is released slowly into your body, making you feel fuller for longer, rather than giving you a once-off carbohydrate high. They are also high fibre, and have the potential rehydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles.


Another healthy veggie making the list. Cucumber is far more useful than just treating swollen eyelids while getting a massage; they are actually filled with silica (which is the key to tight and youthful skin, healthy joints and connective tissues, and strong bones). You can even use it as a natural lip balm for dry lips.


Even though dairy is a bit controversial these days, the essential bacteria that yoghurt contains is highly beneficial to the bones and skin, as well as having a high calcium component. Try mixing it with oats and berries to have an extra healthy breakfast.

Staying hydrated

Hydration is the second best method for combatting the signs of aging. After all, our bodies are mostly composed of water! The reason hydration is so important is because with age, our cells weaken and our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid, meaning our skin is unable to retain liquid and moisture as it did previously.

In addition to this, each cell is made of roughly from 55% to 78% h2O, so in addition to all the nutrients your cells need to survive and thrive, they also need to have water. Otherwise, they’ll suffer from dehydration – just like a plant when it is not watered properly. Dehydration will not only affect the skin but your whole body. However, the damage to your skin will be noticeable; such as reduced elasticity and dryness. That’s where the whole idea of moisturising comes from.

Water not only takes care of skin elasticity, but it also helps you to eliminate toxins through urination. The more you urinate, the more toxins your body is getting rid of. It is believed that acne can appear on the skin when toxins are not expelled, so not drinking the proper amount of water can also result in the appearance of pimples and acne.

In order to look after your skin and achieve the best results in combating the aging process, make sure that your daily skincare routine involves drinking a glass of water before you start to do anything else, and that you aim to drink a minimum of two litres of water per day. Then, move on to moisturisers, serums, oils and creams; all products designed specifically to keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

But how much water exactly should you drink? Generally, the formula goes like this: divide your bodyweight (kilograms) by the number 30, and the result you obtain will be the minimum amount of litres of water you should have per day. Please note that coffee does not count! Caffeinated drinks contain diuretics which are not that beneficial to your body, so maybe consider giving up the coffees.

Skincare routine

The third and final step of premature aging prevention is a good and constant skincare routine – a ritual to do every day. Moisturising is only one small step of looking after your skin. In fact, there’s much more to it, including cleanliness, gentle massaging and more. Read an example of a skincare routine from the beginning of the day until nighttime.

Wash your face

As soon as you wake up, wash your face. It can be in the shower, but make sure you have a gentle, special face wash or soap that will take care of your skin, as rougher products (like regular shampoo) can dry your skin.

2. Moisturise before applying makeup

Moisturise every morning to keep your skin hydrated for the rest of the day. Make sure you also apply our Gongjinhyang Jin Hae Yoon Wrinkle Sun Cream, as keeping your skin away from the sun will also prevent premature aging. Gongjinhyang Jin Hae Yoon Wrinkle Sun Cream is an Oriental medicinal anti-wrinkle facial sunblock that will leave your skin looking smooth, radiant and healthy.

3. Remove makeup

Once the day is done, remove your makeup so you can start a deeper cleansing routine before bed. Make sure you get rid of all traces of makeup, as leaving it on is not beneficial for your skin.

4. Cleanse and massage

Using a soft cotton ball, clean your face in circular motions and massage it in the process. You can also apply balancer if you want, which is a product designed specifically to balance your skin’s pH levels and bring them into a healthy range.

5. Moisturise

The final step in a beauty routine is to moisturise right before bed. Remember, hydrated skin is younger-looking skin! Also, don’t forget your eyes. The skin around the eyes is quite delicate, and usually where crows feet appear. Target this area specifically with an eye cream, applying it on the sides and bottom of the eye.

Taking steps to prevent skin aging

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be a lengthy, tedious process. It can be as simple as drinking an extra glass of water a day, making sure you choose the berries with yoghurt over the coffee, and getting ready for bed 20 minutes earlier than usual. Helping delay the aging process for your skin is about making healthier choices and moisturising regularly. After all, age is just a number!

Here at The History of WHOO, we are passionate about skincare and about women taking control of their aging process – on their own terms. If you wish to see our range of high-quality products or have any queries, don’t hesitate about contacting us. We’re here to help.