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The Benefits of Using Korean Skin Whitening Cream

First popularised by the clear and beautiful skin of Korean actresses, Korean whitening cream is today one of the world’s not-so-secret weapons for great skin. Helping to reduce the amount of melanin in your skin, it offers you a brighter, lighter and creamier complexion, and helps rid the skin of dullness-causing dead skin cells.

Whitening cream has always been popular with women of Korean descent, however women all over the world are now testifying to its amazing results. For those who have embarrassing skin blemishes it works like magic, minimising or even eliminating dark spots, rosacea, and other common skin problems.

Korean Whitening Cream for skin changes

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is also the only organ that is continuously exposed to the outside elements – sun, air, water etc. Over time, this exposure affects our skin’s appearance. Our skin also reacts to other elements such as hormonal changes, producing acne and other skin issues. As for ageing, our skin changes the older we get, leaving redness, fine lines, pigmentation, freckles, sunspots and more.

In short, the skin is exposed to so many damaging stresses, from sun damage and toxic pollutants to environmental stress, emotional stress and diet stress, that it makes sense that it would change over the years.

Korean whitening cream is your way to bring your skin back to its glorious self.


Discolouration of the skin is a common problem – a problem most men and women will face. But just because something is common shouldn’t mean we accept it lying down. Discolouration can be fought, and Korean whitening cream is the best weapon.

Discolouration is the result of many different potential causes, ranging from minor issues to more serious medical conditions. Sunburn can leave scar tissue, infection can cause localised changes, allergies and autoimmune diseases can cause redness, and hormonal changes (especially during pregnancy) can cause dark patches. Other discolouration may be the cause of a birthmark or exposure to chemicals associated with cancer treatment.

Discolouration can be different for everyone. Some experience darker patches or skin spots, while others notice areas that are lighter or greyer than their normal skin tone. The skin reacts differently according to the individual and level of skin stress experienced.

Skin whitening ingredients like those used in The History of Whoo’s Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening & Moisture Cream can bring balance to the skin. They can also work to inhibit the production of melanin to halt any further skin damage. Freckles, moles, pigmentation and sunspots can be lightened to blend more naturally with your skin tone.

How it works

Korean whitening cream provides superb moisture and a moisturising effect that’s almost instant. Perfect to use under makeup, it can serve as an excellent primer. For best results, however, apply both in the morning and at night. The skin works fastest to repair itself while you sleep, and – as it’s packed with The History of Whoo patented ingredients such as wild chrysanthemum and chilhyang palbaeksan – it will help to visibly whiten your skin as you doze. Imagine waking each day to less and less blemishes!

Our active ingredients make whitening cream a potent formula for evening out blotchy skin tones, by inhibiting melanin from transferring to the epidermis. While potent, it’s notably formulated to be safe on all skin types.

Cost effectiveness

When compared to treatments like cryotherapy, laser treatment, microdermabrasion and repeated chemical peels, topical skin lightening treatments are extremely cost effective. They also come without the irritation that these treatments can cause, and don’t require a recovery time. While you should avoid prolonged periods in the sun when using topical whitening cream, your skin won’t ever feel red, tight or peel following treatment.

Easy to use

Whitening creams are easy to use when included in your daily skincare regime. Unlike dermatological treatments, you don’t have to go back to your doctor over and over to repeat the procedure. You simply have to apply twice a day by patting the cream into the skin. (Korean women believe rubbing the cream in will stretch the skin, therefore patting is recommended.)

Over time, you’ll notice a younger, more vibrant appearance.

The History of Whoo Whitening Line

The History of Whoo is oriental medicinal skincare based on secret court ingredients – Gongjinbidan (the DNA ingredient in our products) with modern cosmetics and nano-emulsification technology. It uses oriental herbs to treat hidden speckles under the skin, producing internal glow from the depth of the skin. It’s highly-advanced technology helps to stabilise key ingredients, and gives the line its fine, buttery-like texture for instant and deep absorption.

The whitening line offers everything you need for beautiful, vibrant, youthful looking skin, and includes essence, whitening emulsion, skin balancer, spot corrector, brightening cleansing foam and intensive whitening cream. Use whitening essence to manage your dark blemishes, and the whitening cream to create bright and clear skin like porcelain.

Partly formulated with traditional herbal formula once used by Yang Gui Fei, one of the 4 beauties of the tang dynasty, it enters the skin deep inside to nourish from within. Lightweight and hydrating, it will give you that highly sought-after glow effect from precious ingredients extracted from essential oils.

Just look at Lee Young Ae, who credits The History of Whoo for her flawless skin.